Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Game Theory

"People are boring. Or is there anyone who would be boring enough to contradict me in this regard?" This is a lesson that the PUA "community" could stand to learn - especially the PUAers that overlap on a venn diagram with men's rights activists. People are boring, hey hey, women are people, therefore women are boring. QED.

People are boring. They can be taught to dance through blows and petty morsels. Therefore women can be taught to dance through blows and petty morsels. Pick up methods - otherwise known as game - no doubt works on a surprisingly large portion of the female population. Game is a series of blows (negs) and petty morsels ("gina tingles" and outright orgasms). So yeah, it probably works, and I would not be above employing a little game myself.

Game itself is not one of boredom's enemies. The sadness comes when one descends into the depths of game theory. Game theory is the attempt to explain why game allegedly works so well and so often and for so many different women. The simple answer, they say, and this is why game theorists often overlap with MRAs - is that women crave submission to an alpha male (though enough time spent in the comments sections of game theory blogs reveal this is a hilarious and all too obvious projection).

This idea that women crave submission is nothing other than a flaccid attempt to deny the fundamentally boring nature of the world. There is no rhyme or reason to anything, the world is nothing other than a bundle of more or less incorrigible habits (and nothing is more boring than a habit). But if we inject ideas of gender being universal and wholly natural, in other words, necessary, then we can pretend our own fantasies are necessary responses to the world. And that relieves boredom.


  1. What's your flaccid attempt to explain why game works? Are you gonna articulate an alternative or just whine?

  2. A fair question! It's coming.